9-1-1 Awareness Week

Recognizing the first first responders during 9-1-1 Awareness Week

Burnaby RCMP
Burnaby RCMP
Burnaby RCMP
Delta Fire and Emergency Services
Delta Fire and Emergency Services

It was a week of shout-outs, thank-yous and high-fives as we marked this year’s Emergency Service Dispatchers’ and 9-1-1 Awareness Week (April 7 to 13, 2019). Proclaimed by the Province of B.C., this annual week recognizes the critical role call takers, dispatchers and support staff play in keeping the public and police, fire and ambulance personnel safe.

Here is a sample of some of the appreciation messages E-Comm staff received from our police and fire partners.

Our dispatchers are the eyes and ears of emergency responders—keeping our officers safe and helping us respond as fast as possible to help those in crisis. We want to recognize the countless ways you daily keep our community safe!”
Chief Constable Mike Serr,
Abbotsford Police Department

“Thank you for the opportunity to add my support and appreciation to the staff at E-Comm in recognition of their contribution to public safety, on behalf of the men and women of the District of Hope Fire Department. In particular with our agencies in the Fraser Valley moving to E-Comm, the professional service they deliver made the transition very smooth.”
Chief Tom DeSorcy,
District of Hope Fire Department

“During this week and throughout the year, please know that we value the contribution that you make and appreciate all that you do for our officers and our community.”
Chief Constable Andy Brinton,
Oak Bay Police Department

“It is with great pleasure that I extend a heartfelt thanks to all the dispatchers for doing a fine job for us. We appreciate your extra effort and patience when dealing with the smaller fire departments.”
Chief Trevor Pike,
Sechelt Fire Department

“The work you perform behind the scenes is noted by every first responder and your valuable contributions are a communications lifeline between emergency service workers and the citizens we serve. Without you, first responders would rarely be ‘first’ on the scene and you are an integral part of the broader emergency services team.”
Chief Constable Adam Palmer,
Vancouver Police Department

“The work performed by our E-Comm 9-1-1- call takers, dispatchers and technology specialists is so vital to the safety of our community, our citizens and our fire fighters and we thank you for your continued professionalism and support.”
Chief John McKearney,
Whistler Fire Rescue Service